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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 07, 2009 4:24 pm

I. Even though the use of language, suggestive themes, gore and violence is permitted make sure it does not go beyond R to XXX.

II. Don't be mean to other players, we're all equal and we don't need people being douche bags.

III. Stay on Topic. Smaller diversions are expected, but huge ones are discouraged. However, not grounds for a warning or punishment unless it goes too far. If it does go too far, you will be banned for one hour. Even Staff.

IV. English please. You may use another language AS LONG AS it is followed up by an English Translation. Thanks!

V. For the love of god, NO DRAMA. Staff is encouraged to punish BOTH starters of the drama.

VI. 2 weeks of account inactivity without prior notice will lead to your Characters being moved to the Inactive Board and loss of Position held. If you have to go on hiatus (a period of inactivity for 2 weeks or more) for any reason, please let us know with a message in our Intro & Farewell Board. When checking for inactivity, we do not include OOC. posts, and therefore will go off the date of your last published in-Character post.

VII. We're not sending Text messages, so don't use chat lingo. This means that when you type "you" it's "you" not "u".

VIII. YOU MAY NOT POST PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL or LINKS TO sites with said material. While pornographic material is not allowed we will allow you to describe said things, BUT DO NOT SHOW THEM. Be kind to the younger minds and parents of the younger minds.

IX. Do not harass anyone in any way shape or form. Be polite and disagree in a civilized manner.

X. We know that you like to show your character off, but keep your banners and avatar pics to a decent and acceptable size. They eat up a lot of space on a post and can get quite annoying if they are overly huge. Be nice.

XI. Never post one-liners. Someone who could post up to 1 paragraph with at least 5 lines is acceptable, as other people wouldn't have their creativity pumped up that much on their first time. But please, try to keep your post as detailed as you could, otherwise people might have a problem understanding your moves.

XII.Have fun! Don't take this stuff too seriously, we're all here just to have some fun and RP with people.

XIII. You will have a total of four warnings, which are;

Warning #1 - Simply told not to do it again... sternly.

Warning #2 - Banned for an hour and told not to do it again even more sternly.

Warning #3 - Banned for a day and glared at.

Warning #4 - Account is banned for a week.

- This is not really a warning, but the punishment of said warnings. If after your fourth warning you do something against the rules again, your character will be killed off and you will be banned til the admins believe it is okay to let you back in.
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