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PostSubject: Power Teir   Power Teir I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 4:57 am

Here are all the Tier levels with descriptions

Please place your Tier in your signature with the character's name right beside it.

To establish strength within a character, we have set up the following hierarchy of power so that people are not just rping forever for no reason. This sytem is as follows.

Here are all the levels with descriptions.

You're attacks are placed on a weaker end of the spectrum. You hit harder than those a tier below, but you have trouble fighting those above you.

This is the second lowest level in a tier. These characters can stand up to weak and average characters of their tier. While having the most difficulty Aginst strong and Very Strong characters.

This is the second highest tier. While haveing some difficulty with Very Strong characters, it has much less trouble with the lower tiers of its same Tier.

Very Strong
This is the strongest class you can reach in one level. You can fight with little trouble aginst any level below you, but will have trouble with those ranked at Average in the Tier above you.
W/ 3 Reiatsu
A/ 6 Reiatsu
S/ 9 Reiatsu
VS 12 Reiatsu
Weak Humans/New Shinigami/New Hollows
This is the lowest level of Reiatsu.
W/ 15 Reiatsu
A/ 20 Reiatsu
S/ 25 Reiatsu
VS 30 Reiatsu
Weak Seated/Weak Fraccion/Average Humans
This is commonly known as the Seated level.
W/40 Reiatsu
A/ 60 Reiatsu
S/ 80 Reiatsu
VS 100 Reiatsu
Weak Lieutenants/Strong Seated/Average Fraccion/Above Average Humans
This is commonly known as the Lieutenant level.
W/ 120 Reiatsu
(Captain Class Characters that are placed at this Level from the start will have to work from zero Reiatsu to 140 to Tier up.)
A/ 140Reiatsu
S/ 160 Reiatsu
VS 180 Reiatsu
Weak Captains/Strong Lieutenants/Espada 6-10/Strong Fraccion/Strong Humans
This is commonly known as the Captain level.
W/ 200 Reiatsu
A/ 230 Reiatsu
S/ 270 Reiatsu
VS 300 Reiatsu
Strong Captains/Espada 1-5/Very Strong Humans
This is known as the Elite Captain level.
W/ 500 Reiatsu
(Organization Leaders that start off at this Level will have to work from zero Reiatsu to 700 to Tier up.)
A/ 700 Reiatsu
S/ 900 Reiatsu
VS 1,100 Reiatsu
This is known as The Elite Level
This level is extremely rare and will mostly be used for organization leaders and people with Extreamly High Reiatsu. These characters can compete with two or more Elite Captain level characters.

*Note These Reiatsu numbers are subject to change so please keep updated
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