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PostSubject: Powering Up System   Powering Up System I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 4:59 am

Alright, there will be new standards of achieving bankai and such. The reason for this is because even in the anime/manga, no shinigami starts out with shikai, no hollow starts out as an Arrancar, and no human starts out with there powers they train for it.The same will be here with our new members. The new system will take effect the day this is posted. The system is as followed.

*Reiatsu will be halfed for every additional character you make after your Main character. Exp: Your Main character will recive the full amount of Reiatsu you have towards its Power Ups, the Second character will recive half of your Reiatsu towards its Power Ups, The Third character will recive half of your Second characters Reiatsu towards its Power Ups and so on. Main characters can Not be switched.*


15- Reiatsu- Learn Zanpakuto's name

30- Reiatsu- Master Shikai

60- Reiatsu- Begin Training for Bankai

120- Reiatsu- Master Bankai


*The listings for Vizard are included into the shinigami. So if you wish to have a Full Vizard form you must have atleast 175 Reiatsu as a Shinigami before becomeing a Vizard.

30-120 Reiatsu- Hollow Possession begins

60-180 Reiatsu- Limited mask control 2 posts

120-240 Reiatsu- Limited mask control 3 posts

180-300 Reiatsu- Average mask control 4 posts

240-360 Reiatsu- Above Average Control 5 posts

300-420 Reiatsu- Master mask control 6 posts

540 Reiatsu- Full Vizard form 2 posts

650 Reiatsu- Full Vizard form 3 posts

770 Reiatsu- Full Vizard form 4 posts

890 Reiatsu- Full Vizard form 5 posts

1010 Reiatsu- Full Vizard form 6 posts

*540 Reiatsu- Full Vizard form (You must have been a Shinigami who mastered Bankai to reach this masterory)

*In order for you to begin becoming a vizard, you must first have mastered Shikai. There are NO exceptions to this rule.


5- Reiatsu- Adjuchas

300 Reiatsu- evolve to Vasto Lorde (This is a special class of hollow and the only way to attain this level you must skip becoming an Arrancar and remain a Adjuchas)

120-420 Reiatsu- Mask Removal Arrancar

540-840 Reiatsu- Obtain Resurreccion Segunda

*Side Note: Vasto Lorde is a special class of hollow and the only way to attain this level you must skip becoming an Arrancar and remain a Adjuchas until you hit 300 Reiatsu and to become an Arrancar Vasto Lorde you must attain 420 Reiatsu.


5 Reiatsu- Fullbring first stage

35 Reiatsu- Fullbring Second Stage

100 Reiatsu- Fullbring Final Stage


*Side Note: This System may be updated or changed throughout time, so please check up on here. It will be noted of any change in the updates board.
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Powering Up System
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