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 XAT Rules

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PostSubject: XAT Rules   Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:24 am

I. Do not Flood the Xat. This means too post so many posts so quickly that no one can read anothers post but yours. Like having a full sentence posted a word at a time is considered being a Flood. It's rude.

II. Don't type entire sentences out in CAPS, it is also considered to be flooding. That and it basically means your yelling at someone.

III. Be kind and respectful to others on the XAT. Yes, you may get into arguments but keep it civil alright? You don't want to ruin everyone else's fun.

IV. Keep your language to a minimum.

V. If you disobey the rules you will have only four warnings; told not to do it. Kicked once. Banned for an hour. Banned for ever.

These are subject to change.
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XAT Rules
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