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PostSubject: Yukio Kuroi   Yukio Kuroi I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 3:05 pm

Arrancar T e m p l a t


Character Persona

Name: Yukio Kuroi
Appearance Age: 21 Years old
True Age: 1033 Years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 foot tall
Weight: 286 Lbs.
Likes: Himself, Power, Distruction, The Dark
Dislikes: Weaklings, One's who do not give him praise, Black Jellybeans

Accessories: Yukio wears two silver chains with a cross pendent on each one, Three metal spiked bracelets on his right wrist and a thick metal band bracelet on his left.

Personality: He has an arrogant attitude and has a grandiose sense of self-importance, He exaggerates accomplishments and demands to be considered superior and thinks of himself to be successful, powerful, beautyful, and perfect. He thinks of himself as privileged and that he can only be understood by other high-status people. He demands excessive amounts of praise and admiration from others and feels entitled to automatic deference, compliance, and favorable treatment from others. He is exploitative towards others and takes advantage of them. He lacks empathy and does not recognize or identify with others feelings, He also thinks that others are envious of him.

Appearance: Yukio wears a white short sleeved long collared V neck that he tucks into a pair of white goth like baggy pants that has a thick black belt like band around there top. He also wears a pair of long tight fitting gloves that ends at the middle of his forearms.
Yukio Kuroi Shiki-1

Bone Appearance: Yukio's mask remanence appears to a long elfish ear that connects to a thin chin straps that runs down right side of his jaw line and stops just before his chin.
Hollow Hole: His hollow hole is located on his stomach.
Reitsu Colour: Violet colored Reiatsu outlined in Black.

General Fighting Style: In his base form Yukio tends to fight in close quarters combat. Yukio frequently finds himself fighting bare handed, but when an opponent shows enough skill Yukio will pull his Zanpakuto and test there strength.

In Resurreccion Yukio tends to be the complete opposite. In this form Yukio likes to keep his distance and take full advantage of his long range shadow attacks and cero ability.

In Segunda Resurreccion Yukio combines both of his styles, utilizing both his abilitie of close and long range.


Sealed Zanpakutô:
Yukio Kuroi HanzoSteel-HandmadeKillBillDemonSwo
Racial Abilities: Yukio's Zanpakuto can blast a shadow colored wave of Reiatsu at his opponent, Gran Ray Cero.


Resurrección Name: Asesino Sombra (Shadow Murderer)
Resurrección Release Phrase: "Desvanecerse a las Sombras" (Shadows Fade)
Release Actions: To release his Resurreccion Yukio holds his zanpakuto horizontally in front of himself before releaseing it causeing it to levitate before him, He then presses his palms against both ends causeing the zanpakuto to merge into them.
Resurrección Appearance. When in Resurrecion Yukio's mask remnants now cover his entire face and both ears appear to be elf-like. The mask now looks like porcelain and all facial expressions are are sealed behind this mask. When he speaks his lips do not move, the only movement of his face that is visual is when he moves eyes and when he blinks. Other outward appearance changes would be the length of his hair as it reaches the center of his back and his attire. Yukio is now decked out in black segmented looking armor, the top resembeling an over coat with a decorative shoulder pad design as spikes wrap around the collar.
Yukio Kuroi Anima__Ophiel_the_fallen_Angel_b-2
Resurrección Abilities: Yukio can manipulate the surrounding shadows to his advantage. By injecting his reiryoka into shadows, Yukio is capable of bringing them into the tangible world, which gives them a corporeal form. By manipulating their shape, he is capable of creating shadow beings, routes in which he can travel through, powerful barriers, and basic weapons such as swords" etc.

Resurrección Segunda Etapa

Segunda Etapa Name: Sombra demonio (Shadow Demon)
Segunda Etapa Phrase: "Se ahogan en la oscuridad" (Drown in Darkness)
Segunda Etapa Release Actions: Yukio's shadows converge to him engulfing him in a cacoon like form before shattering like glass.
Segunda Etapa Appearance: Yukio's Segunda Resurreccion form stands seven (7) feet in hight and his appraeance changes drasticly. Yukio now takes on the look of a demon with large horns that seem to have taken the place of his hair, he also wears chestplate armor that has many skulls atached to chains as a shadowy cape drapes from its back. Yukio's cape seems to be constant movement due to the shadows moving around it like smoke.
Yukio Kuroi Timedemondestroying
Segunda Etapa Abilities: In this form Yukio can create a special sword useing two (2) of his shadows, this sword is five (5) feet in length and is said to have the power to cut down an opponents soul. This ability allows Yukio to attack his opponent(s) shadow causeing the opponent(s) body to take the damage. (To use this ability Yukio must be the one weilding this created sword to inflict damage on an opponent. The remaining shadows Yukio manipulates can not do this and neither can anyone else other then Yukio.)

Yukio manipulates shadows from his cape that he aquired in his first resurreccion to his advantage. creating up to five shadow manipulations that he uses to attack his opponent or as a defencive tool. By manipulating their shape, he is capable of creating shadow beings, routes in which he can travel through, powerful barriers, and basic weapons such as swords" etc.

His shadowy cape surrounds him alowing him to become compleatly shadow like. This ability allows matter to pass right through Yukio body without causeing him harm. (This ability has a two (2) post cooldown.)


History: Before Aizen was even thought of in Hueco Mundo, Yukio was working his way up the ranks of Baraggan Luisenbarn army of Hollows. After many years Yukio became one of Baraggan's most powerful subordinates thus gaining the attention of the King. Soon after he had found himself becoming closer to the then God-King of Hueco Mundo and was eventually named Baraggan's right hand. After this great honor many Hollows began to call Yukio Hueco Mundo's Prince for he was now entrusted to overseeing a portion of Baraggan's empire far off on the other side of Hueco Mundo.

During the time of Aizen's appearance in Baraggan's court Yukio was on his way to see his King to give his mandatory report of whats been happening of late in his empire afar. But when Yukio entered his Kings court he found that Baraggan's army had been slaughtered and his King was missing, This slightly startled Yukio and he quickly Sonído'd off to begin looking for his missing King. Moments later he spotted his King off in the distance walking with three others that were wearing white clothing he figured that these figures were the ones responsible for the onslaught that had taken place at the court and his King was somehow forced to leave with them, This thought enraged Yukio. "How did they do it! How did they get my King to leave his throne and leave with them as if they were important enough" Yukio thought as he quickly made his way towards them and just as he was about to strike one of the men he was cut down from behind and rendered unconscious.

What seemed like only moments later to him, Yukio regained consciousness only to find himself in a poorly lit room filled with many other Hollows standing in the shadows, but there was something diffrent about these hollows, they seemed changed in some way just then Yukio seen the silhouette of his king, seeing this Yukio struggled to his feet to speak to him and as he came close enough he had seen that his King had a more human appearance. He then questioned what had happened to him and before he could even fully finish the question Baraggan began to tell him about how he was luck to be alive and that if he wanted to continue to follow him he must under go the same changes his King had. Yukio then bowed and responded "Yes my lord".

Soon after becoming an arrancar Yukio was appointed a position in the ranks of the Espada and took on many Fraccions but years latter was striped of his position due to other strong Arrancars joining the ranks. After this Baraggan asked Yukio to become one of his fraccions but Yukio had respectfully refused and chose to leave Las Noches and soon after the war began.
After the war was over Yukio had learned his former King had been slain along with all the other Espada, this gave Yukio the idea to Create his own army of Arrancar and take over as the new God-King of Hueco Mundo.

Yukio Kuroi 1616070-668px_mugetsu_super-2

Ayumu Kazuki, VVHL-W
Yukio Kuroi, VHL-S

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PostSubject: Re: Yukio Kuroi   Yukio Kuroi I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2011 6:38 am

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Yukio Kuroi
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