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PostSubject: Site Plot   Site Plot I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 2:06 pm

10 Years Before Current Timeline

Our story begins just as Ichigo kurosaki used his Fullbring power that was taught to him by the Human group Xcution to finally regain his Shinigami powers after losing them a few years ago. During his time as a renewed Shinigami Ichigo continued to use his power to protect the innocence of the Human realm and doom those who threatened this time of peace. During this time he continued contact with the Soul Society, the Xcution group of Humans, and even The Masked Army known as the Vizards, helping each group with there important matters and even trying to have the three groups see eye to eye.

5 Years Till Curent Timeline

Years have passed now and the time of peace seemed to be eternal tho there were the occasional Hollow attack from time to time. That is till one day the Seireitei was stricken with several massive earthquakes that caused massive destruction through out the Seireitei as buildings crumbled and collasped, mountains were shifted and distorted, and hundreds of lives were lost. This caused a widespread panic and the only ones who could help with search and rescue, safety measures, and clean up were those in the Gotei 13 who had survived the unexpected tremors and there Captains. Days have passed and most of the seiritei was getting back to normal before they found out there were several large fissures that all centered at the base of the Central 46 building that was now in ruin. Further investigation now centered on the cause of these quakes before it was realised that this had to be caused by the one imprisoned deep beneath the 46, Sosuke Aizen!

Now gathering at the ruins of Central all divisions of the Gotei 13 surrounded the area with blades drawn as members of the Onmitsukido along with there Captain entered the bowels of the destroyed building to check Aizens seal. But just as they were about to enter a silhouette of a man could be seen walking towards them with hanging straps coming form his body. As the silhouette emerged from the darkness Aizen could be seen tearing the final bit of cloth from his person. With wide eyes everyone from every division froze before Aizen finaly opened his eyes in a quick motion causing half the people from every divisions to explode. This action caused many to flee and Aizen in his weakened state fell to one knee for a moment before noticing the the Captains had made there move. Knowing he would not stand a chance against them in this state he quickly flead but not before making his presence felt.

4 1/2 Years Till Curent Timeline

After his escape Aizen made his way to the Human world and began to seek out Humans that wield strong reiatsu to regain his strength and bond with the Hougyoku.
During his search Aizen encountered the Xcution group which tryed to stop Aizen and his onslaught with the help of Chad, Uryu, and Orihime and even tho they put up a great battle aginst him eventually all were killed by the hands of the strengthening Aizen and the late arriveing Ichigo could only watch in horror as Aizen removed his hand from Orihime's chest before vanishing.

Now consumed with vengeance Ichigo returned to the seireitei where he had found most of the Vizards were killed also and the last remaining members of The Masked Army were now teamed up with the Gotei 13 to take down this new threat. Soon after arriveing to the Seireitei Ichigo had told the Captains and the remaining Vizards what he had witnessed and swore to do whatever it took to kill the bastard who killed his friends. Just then and out of nowhere the Seireitei was rocked by several explosions causing everyone to assemble for a final battle. This battle was harsh and long fought with in the walls of the Seireitei but in the end all the Captains and Vizards were wiped out and all that remained to stop Aizen was a near death Urahara, Captain-Commander, and Ichigo kurosaki and in a desperate act the Captain-Commander was able to grab hold of Aizen for just enough time for Urahara to create a new more powerful seal using the soul of Ichigo. Now sealed away back deep beneath Central Aizen sits again in solitude as the three Organizations begin to regroup with new leaders and members not knowing another group has been this whole time doing the same through the years.

Welcome back The Espada!

Current Time.
(Ten years after the current Manga Era)

After the devestation caused by Aizen the Seireitei managed to rebuild and reform there Hierarchy with the help of a New Captain-Commander appointed by Central and new Captains now head all the Divisions to continue to bring balance and peace to the Soul Society once again.

In the Living world both the Xcution group and Masked Army have done the same tho there goals are still unknown, tho one thing still remains the same. They will continue to look out for there own investments and interests.

The Espada group with there own agenda in mind now wish to take out all that stand in there way, to achieve total dominance over all who stand before them.

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Ayumu Kazuki, VVHL-W
Yukio Kuroi, VHL-S

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