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PostSubject: Takeda, Ryokoshky   Takeda, Ryokoshky I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2011 6:17 am

[ Arrancar T e m p l a t e ]


Character Persona

Name:Ryokoshky Takeda
Appearance Age:15
True Age: 118
Weight: 121lb.
Likes: not being bothered, fighting, going over the edge.
Dislikes: being bothered, not being able to sleep, not going off the deep end.

Accessories: A pair of glasses with shaded out lens, purple contact lens.

Personality: Ryokoshky is the type of person who loves to kick back from time to time, have fun, be kind. He likes to help out others when he is in a good mood and he is found in a good mood after a well done mission or job. Ryokoshky is a quiet person who tends to keep to himself but when he gets pumped he is the complete opposite of quiet he loves to be a freaking chatter box when a fight starts. Ryokoshky acts out as a lone wolf on most occasions but he will go out of his way to get a squad built for a job he thinks he can not do alone, he is not foolish and will make sure he is not ill prepared before jumping into who knows what.

Ryokoshky finds it fun to mingle with others when he thinks it would benefit his position. Making friends to ryokoshky is about what he benefits from them and what they have to offer to him, to make a friendship without anything to offer to him his rare but shows that he has a heart deeo down that doesnt just want to kill you and burn you alive. He will live amongst humans for long periods of time to get away from his own kind and to have a vacation, he wants to prove that he is diffrent from most arrancar that he is actually kind unlike most of his kind.

Appearance: Ryokoshky tends to wear a black hoodie with blue lining on the inside of the hood, a black leopard pattern across the length of the outside of it. He wears the normal arrancar uniform underneath the jacket, he also wears long baggy and worn out pants with a hole in the right knee to show the white fabric underneath. From there he tends to just wear the arrancar sandals.

Bone Appearance: His bone appearance is that of a second spine running along with his just with a gash down the middle of it

Hollow Hole: In the center of his chest.

Reitsu Colour: A dark Violet

General Fighting Style: Ryokoshky generally fights up close varying between fist combat and sword, often fighting with technequies such as bala and cero at close range.

When he releases he fights a bit further away but continues to fight up close.


Sealed Zanpakutô:Ryokoshky's Sealed sword's hilt is wrapped in a dark green cloth, the guard is that of an eight point star. The blade taking on about 4 feet from the guard, the color of the blade is a dark lavender.

Racial Abilities: Ryokoshky has the ability to cover himself in a veil that makes him invisible, he can still be heard and his footprints and be left. If he is hurt blood will drip past the veil, He cannot attack with out distorting the veil creating an obvious difference in the surroundings.


Resurrección Name:Morrigan

Resurrección Release Phrase:Soar, MORRIGAN.

Release Actions: Ryokoshky kicks his legs out and spreads his arms to form and X then quickly pulls his body into a ball with his left arm crossing over his right shoulder and vise-versa. He then curls back out in his Resurreccion.

Resurrección Appearance:
just with black crow wings.

Resurrección Abilities: When ryokoshky enters resurreccion he gains control over earth. He is able to take both offensive and defensive measures to protect himself and others. He can form walls in front of him and can cut parts of the earth out and carry them. When he uses his ability to do anything it stretches the earth. So at a certain point it is more fragile then at the ends.

When he uses the ability offensively he can create golems of about 3 ft tall, each has a small seal on its forehead that when destroyed breaks the connection destroying it, or turning it to rubble. These golems can also be used as a bullet casing for a cero, though all they do is fly and explode. He can also make halberds, claymore's, and spears with the earth he uses. He may also cover his fist with earth to increase his punches. He can manipulate the earth around him creating areas of seven different mineral's all of which he can also pull from the earth to make the same items. He can make projectiles along with all of this. Some of the minerals are; bronze, copper, silver, gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, steel, and iron. [# of golems that can be summoned at one time 6, for 2-5 post]

Resurrección Segunda Etapa

Segunda Etapa Name: Abbraccio Blackwings Morrigan di

Segunda Etapa Phrase: Abbraccio Blackwings! MORRIGAN!

Segunda Etapa Release Actions:
He wraps himself in a cocoon of earth and proceed's to change into his Etapa.

Segunda Etapa Appearance:

Segunda Etapa Abilities:
Cuervo familiares diosa (Crow Goddess Familiar): Ryokoshky Creates a 100ft high golem with his reiatsu. This golem ryokoshky makes is manually controlled from within its chest cavity. Here lies a 10ft thick wall of diamond that protects Ryokoshky who goes blind when he uses this ability for he see's through the golems stony eyes. The golem can shoot crystals that are the size of SUV's filled with cero's and bala. The only true way to destroy this golem is to break it at all its weak points. Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders, Neck. As a piece is removed the harder it becomes to remove the rest. The wings on its back can be exchanged for its sword and it will become a scythe or the other wing can be exchanged for an axe, and vice versa. Last's as long as it takes or until Ryokoshky is tired, 6 post, recharge 8 after it ends, all other abilities 4 after it starts.

Crow dea della Terra (Crow Goddess Earth): Ryokoshky's mastery over earth becomes even greater allowing him to pull more and more earth to his location at once and allows for much greater use of the earth then he had before. (Passive ability) Charge 2 post, recharge 1.


History: When ryokoshky was a human he lived life like any normal kid, played with others had fun and played pranks. As he grew older he started to change and grow out of this way. He started to stop talking to people as much and started to not play with people he use to. He hated the way he had once been because he felt so stupid. He rejected his entire childhood as bullshit and hated it.

When he entered high school he felt great, it was a brand new beginning for him. Even though he was still lazy and didn't give a fuck about most things still he loved the thought of a brand new slate. He made new friends who's personalities and interest matched his and he was so happy. Then one unlucky day when he was walking to school he felt as if something wasn't right. Then he felt the hands of someone else holding his arm. When he looked down he saw a little girl with black hair who looked up at him. She whispered something but he didn't hear the full sentence all he head was "morrigan" before the little girl pushed him into the street into on coming traffic.

He felt cold, he felt distant, he felt numb. He didn't know where he was or what was happening all he knew was he felt powerless and tired. He laid on the ground for what seemed like hours before he finally stood up, all he could see was a hallway filled with doors, he had seen this before, he turned and walked off. He awoke from his slumber he still felt distant, he wondered why he stood up and heard a rattle and looked at his chest. There was a chain hanging from it, how peculiar. He turned to see a looming black mass in front of him, when he looked up and he saw was a white mask, and a giant mouth to big to be natural, then all he felt was darkness, he felt like he was being mashed with what seemed like hundreds and hundreds of personalities, he felt like his mind was going to explode. He gave in, letting it wash over him letting his identity wash away.

Later on he eventually found a break in all the yelling and screaming of the other's as he had come to guess, and finally found his chance he darted for what seemed like a sliver of life and he achieved his goal, he stole what ever was controlling the body he killed its consciousness and took over the body finally being able to think straight and preform the way a person should feel, see, hear, smell, taste. He saw others of what had killed him and in a blind rage he attacked out, instincts that he never had kicked in and pushed him to devour everything that he killed until he was stronger. He had to become stronger he had to it was the only way he could live, the only way he could truly be alive.

-100 years later-

After finally achieving his goal he was happy he had become strong enough he knew that he was going to have a great life ahead of him, he was the only one standing that he had seen so far, and he hoped to keep it that way, survival of the fittest was a bitch. He lifted his now regular legs he was happy, after so long he finally had a form that reminded him as something normal, he had become strong, he had become strong for himself, and he did it all alone.

RP Sample: He stretched his arms, he was dreaming again, it was rarer for him to have dreams now, and he always liked to keep record of them somehow. He was in the hallway that he had now associated with death, it's doors had slowly unlocked as he had progressed to where he was now. The crude smile on his face as he remembered all the fun he had hunting them. The doors were not natural they could only be opened by achieving something. He walked down the hall opening up the doors. Each one had a pedestal with a word of knowledge or something he should know. He loved the fact that he had learned so much from this hallway. The last door of the hallway was covered in a dark red blood. Three keyholes could be seen and only two had keys in them, each with a word above it, the first "Human Death" the second "Soul death", The third, "True Death". He knew he would never see what was behind that door. He knew he would pass away the moment the door opened.

He awoke from his dream he had learned nothing new from that mystery world and all he knew that he wanted to do was learn all the secrets from that world before the door of death met him first.

"What to do now.... what to do now....." He layed on the ground staring up into the sky where the moon sat never moving. The sand covering his hands, his hair resting on his face. He stood up, and looked off towards what he could only guess was West, then he sighed and just let himself fall back over into the sand. Life had become boring and the best he could do was sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Takeda, Ryokoshky   Takeda, Ryokoshky I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 11:19 am

change the invisibility portion to a distorted area cause full invisibility will bring up discussion.


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Takeda, Ryokoshky
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