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 Staff introduction

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PostSubject: Staff introduction    Staff introduction  I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 11, 2011 3:17 pm

Welcome to Bleach: Remnant Souls!

My name is Rase and I am the owner of RS and I just thought I'd have the Staff introduce themselves.

A little about myself.

Well I have been Rping for several years now, mostly on Bleach sites and about two years ago opened my own site. Due to difficulties the site had been neglected and regrettably had died. But recently myself and others had decided to reopen RS and continue where we left off although with some major and great changes.

Before makeing RS I was an Moderator on another Bleach site RotR. This was one of the reasons RS had died. After being on RotR for a while I had been promoted to an Admin position where I helped it flourish into one of the great Bleach sites, but due to my growing lack of interest in the happenings there myself and a few others have figured it would be a great time to have RS rejoin the Rping world with a new outlook on Bleach Rping and the direction we should take the site.

A little about our Tiering and Power system.

As ya may or may not have seen we have Reiatsu here on the site, the number of Reiatsu grows every time you make a Rp thread, post, or Character app and will not increese in OOC threads. The Reiatsu works for two diffrent systems here on RS, first way is the Powering up system. This system shows you how your characters abilities are developing depending on the amount of Reiatsu you have. Chech the Power up System for more details. The second way Reiatsu helps your character development is Tiering. The amount of Reiatsu you have will tell you what Tier your character is depending on the number you have. Check the Power Tier List for more details.

Characters of mine.

Sry I kinda strayed off the main objective Razz . Ok, Well on the site I have two characters (Working on a third) and there names are Ayumu and Yukio. Ayumu is a Vizard who uses flying spinning blades to attack his opponents. His main ability deals with sliceing an opponent before healing the wound created. More on that if ya enter a thread with him. He my main character.
Yukio who is an Arrancar and also the leader of the Espada group. He manipulates shadows to attack his opponents and is my second on the site.
I have had these two characters for going on two years now and tho I have many more these two are my favorite.

Hope to meet your characters in Rp very soon and if ya have any questions, be it needing help understanding something on the site or ya need help with creating an app. please don't hesitate to ask, thats what were here for

Staff introduction  1616070-668px_mugetsu_super-2

Ayumu Kazuki, VVHL-W
Yukio Kuroi, VHL-S

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Staff introduction
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