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 Espada Goals

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PostSubject: Espada Goals   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:39 pm

The Newly reformed Espada group lead by an exceptionally strong Arrancar now known as the Cero Espada have returned to threaten the balance of power. There true intentions at this moment are still unclear yet one thing is certain, this powerfull threat has something sinister up there sleeve and should not be underestimated.

Tho it has been several years since such strong Arrancars have been assembled in such a group, the memory of there path of terror still haunts those who were around to witness there feirce disregard for anything and everything, even there own kind, to achive there goal set by there traitorous creator Sosuke Aizen.

The only truly known fact revealed to the world is the Cero Espada has declaired him and his Espadas are out for blood and no one is safe.

Prepare for another
Great War!
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Espada Goals
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