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PostSubject: beliah(wip)   beliah(wip) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2011 7:30 am

[center][ Shinigami T e m p l a t e ]


Character Persona

Name:Beliah Black
Appearance Age:17
True Age:217
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Likes: Ramen (all types),comedy/hummor (all types), and reading
Dislikes: anything that isn't funny, getting her nose out of her book, and anyone that interrupts her when she is eating her ramen

Accessories: Beliah has a book that she likes to read, chopsticks(for her ramen)

personally: Beliah has an out going personally. She has a very interesting sense of humor, she loves a good joke when she sees it. Ramen shops are her favorite things in the world. If she happens to see anything that is not right, she will say something about it. She over thinks everything when it comes to certin subjects(I.E..when she's needs to understand something when she is in the academy,waiting when she's not suppose to wait...etc...)



General Fighting Style: KickBoxing


Zanpakuto Name: Subrihan

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:
Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Subrihan has a calm personality but when it comes to someone that would want to upset the balance of his interworld then he has a problem with them.

Inner World: Subrihan interworld is a very calm and serine inviroment that has a peaceful field with many cherry blossem trees. There is a river in his world that has a beautiful wooden bridge and has bushes around the bridge.It basically looks like peaceful japaneese trancual park. When the inner inviroment has inbalances, the cherry blossems wilt,the bridge is falling apart,and the rirver is overflowing and ruining the enviroment.

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:

Release Phrase:Show yourself and Fly Subrihan!

Shikai Information

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities: Beliah's Shikai allows her to manipulate air thus giveing her the ability to chanel air through her gloves into high velocity winds and use it as both an offencive and defencive weapon. Useing this ability she can create sharp slicing wind in a crescent-shaped constructed of solidified air, a jet of almost solid wind capable enough to seriously injure an opponent or deflect an oncomming enemy attack, a dome of air that surrounds her body capable enough to deflect attacks from all directions. She also has the ability to manipulate small vibrations in the air allowing her to hear conversations and enemy movements from faraway distances.

Even tho her offencive and defencive abilities are strong they are limited by her own strength. This meaning her abilities are basicly effective aginst someone close to her level on both spectrums of power be it weaker or slightly stronger.

Bankai Information

Bankai Appearance: (What does your character look like in Bankai?)

Bankai Abilities: (What type of additional abilities does your character get in Bankai? Please describe them in 3 paragraph's; six sentences each)



Beliah was from a farming family that was pleaded from the pleg and famine when they either couldn't harvest or when the Royals wanted most of their crops. As song as she could remember, the royals took alot of the crops and sometimes they went hungry and she watched so many people die. When Beliah was old enough, she got tired of how the town was treated. So she went to the capital of their Reagan to try to talk to the royals about their situation they are having with the crops. As to be expected, The royals didn't like that one bit so they made Beliah an example of speaking up about the way things were and thus she was executed for her beliefs.
After all that happened,Beliah went to the s Soul Society. She wandered around the seireitei for awhile trying to make herself useful when she wondered into a ramen shop. She fell in love with it as soon as she started to eat it using what little money she had. After that Beliah went to help where she could with anything she could. While Bleiah went on her adventure,she wondered into a guy that was protecting a young child.This type of fighting intreged her,so she asked the gentleman to be her teacher. He refuses at her dismay,but she didn't loose hope. She stuck by him and waited and did whatever the gentleman asked her to do until he said yes to training her.So thus,she learned the art of kick boxing from her master.Beliah studied with him for many years to be able to help whomever is in need of help.
So after a couple of years, Beliah decided to try to attend the soul reaper academy .She figured that if she went there she would be doing good for others and trying to better herself in the process even more than she did when she was training with her master.

[size=18][u]RP Sample[b/]

[b]Role Play Sample:
While walking down the street,Beliah knoticed that there was something on the ground. She bent down to investigate what it was.She knoticed that it was a childrens toy,so when she was doing that, she knoticed that someone was standing over her. When she looked up, she knoticed that it was a person standing behind her.So when she was looking up, she knoticed that it was a young child standing there wondering what she was doing. "hi there kiddo,whats your name?" the child responded "My name is Alex"in a frightened voice. "well Alex, my name is Beliah and i was wondering if this belonged to you?" in a reasureing voice and a smile on her face. Alex smiled and said " Yes" and so beliah proceeded to give it back to him. Beliah asked "So where are you headed to Alex?" Alex replyed "I'm headed home."so beliah replyed with "would you like to go get a treat then some company to walk you home,my treat!". Alex smiled and shook his head. So Alex and Beliah went to a meetbun stand and walked proceeded to walk him home.

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PostSubject: Re: beliah(wip)   beliah(wip) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 1:19 am

Even though this application is well over two years old and is a work in progress, the character passes as is. Approved.
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