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[ Shinigami T e m p l a t e ]


Character Persona

Name: Seera Jyurutoru
Appearance Age: 25
True Age: 2156
Gender: Female
Height: 5'
Weight: 125 lbs
Likes: Fighting, Sparring, Fire, Drinking, Parties.
Dislikes: Suffucation, Dying in Sleep, Loosing.

Accessories: Except for the Armor, none.

Personality: Seera is a Fighting individual when it comes to a lot of things. She loves to fight, spar and even start bar fights. It is simply in her nature to want and like to fight. If she cannot hit something at least once a day she gets incredibly bored and most of her squad mates know this, so they try to keep her happy.

However, when she isn't fighting she does like to have fun in other ways. Drinking and being at a party is the only other thing except fighting that really keeps the girl happy. She loves to consume anything with alcohol in it and you probably won't find her without the drink, whether she is drinking it or not.

Now as long as the girl has had a fight or drink in her that day, she can be pretty damn friendly to everyone. She can joke, smile, laugh and simply have fun. Though if she hasn't, she will be violent and quite mean. Most of her squad mates know to keep a few steps away or risk getting socked in the eye.

Physical Traits: Seera, oddly enough, is very beautiful and has nearly perfect skin. She is pale, but has the perfect amount of sun in her skin to make her glow. Her lips are full and beautiful. Her eyes are piercingly green and seem to be able to see right into your soul. Her long black, straight hair flows down to her shoulder blades.

Seera Jyurutoru Shiba_Tsukimi_by_raynkazuya

Clothing: The girl wears all red and gold. She wears a red battle kimono that is decorated with golden dragons. Her shoes are the normal samurai sandles. Overtop of everything she wears a beautiful set of samurai armor. It is read and is also decorated with dragons.

General Fighting Style: Seera simply lunges into a fight without a second thought on the matter. However, she does like to hide her true power from her enemies unless she really needs to use it. The girl will throw a never ending supply of attacks that will eventually overwhelm her opponent and then defeat them. Though, a seemingly stupid fighter, she actually is testing everything about her opponent as she fights them. Strength, speed, durability and etc. While she is fighting in her sealed form, she never once will unsheath her sword.


Zanpakuto Name: Taishita Hachuu

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: Seera Jyurutoru Red-dragon

Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Taishita has nearly the same attitude about fighting that Seera does, except it is more calm and collected. Taishita's main goal is to teach Seera patience and how to keep a collected mind about herself. As all dragons are, Taishita is very wise and is a fantastic mentor.

Inner World: The Inner World of Her Spirit is an entire working Volcano. They sometimes speak inside, outside and while it is errupting. It all depends on the situation of the visit.

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance: Seera Jyurutoru SD146474_Red_Dragon_Katana
The sealed appearance is a deep red in color. The handle has a snake skin grip and a dragon perching on the pommel. The hilt of the sword is also a dragon, though this one is swirling around the dangerous weapon.

Release Phrase: Seera has no phrase for releasing Taishita, for she needs no phrase. It is a silent/instant release. Seera never removes her blade from her scabbard as stated before, because of her release. The moment her blade is pulled from it's scabbard, her shikai is released in an explosion of fire and reiatsu.

Shikai Information

Shikai Appearance: The blade and Seera remain the same

Shikai Abilities: One: The first ability of Taishita is also an instant power. The moment she removes her sword and her shikai is released, a 100 yard globe of fire surrounds Seera and her opponent. This flame does not burn Seera and only burns her opponent when or if they touch the flame. Now the flame doesn't do much, except for the obvious; movement restrictions. The interesting part of the ability is that every time Seera hits her opponent (Blade on Skin) the globe shrinks 10 yards. This makes the area inside hotter (Making it so that stamina is depleted faster) and the movement even less. Once Seera hits her target enough so that the globe finally reaches 0 yards it triggers her second ability. What makes this harder for Seera is that everytime her opponent lands a strike (Blade to skin) the globe grows 10 yards.

Two: This is the ability that is triggered once the globe of fire reaches 0 yards. Once that happens, the fire burns right by her opponent causing seering damage. (This can be prevented by any protective Kido, any abilities that could protect from it; wind, water shields and it can be avoided by a fast enough shunpo, depending on their tier.) However, that isn't the ability. The fire focuses at Seera's cross guard and then explodes in a tornado effect of fire. The winds are punishing and the flame burns extensively. This lasts for only 2 posts and then disappears. Once that happens, after 4 posts the globe of fire constructs itself once more in its original 100 yard globe.

Three: Her basic normal ability is quite useful as well. This ability is unrelated to the globe or tornado in any way. Seera can summon a cone of fire from the hilt of her zanpaktō, in a similar look and consistancy as a flamethrower or a dragon breathing. This flame coming from the blade has Taishita's dragonesk face at the tip of it, resembling closely to Hyourinmaru. This obviously causes severe burns and pain. The reach is 25 ft out and 12 ft wide. The recharge time for this is 2 posts.

Bankai Information

Bankai Release Phrase: (I added this one, because of the odd release of her shikai) Seera's Bankai is a vocal command like many others and she must speak the words, "Breath the Eternal Flame, Taishita Wa-mu!"

Bankai Appearance: Take in the idea that Taishita is a twin sister of Hyourinmaru and take that into account. When Seera goes bankai, she gains almost identical appearance that Toshiro gets, only fire. Great fire wings sprout from her back, a tail nearly 8 foot long grows from her back and her sword arm engulfs in flame with Taishita's dragon face in the fire.

Bankai Abilities: One: When bankai is released a huge collumn of lava explodes from the ground and surrounds both Seera and her opponent in walls of lava. This then quickly solidifies into Obisidian. Inside this collumn is complete darkness, the only light being created by the glowing embers from the drying lava. This solid wall of volcanic rock is incredibly hot inside causing stamina to deplete quicker than usual and eventually hinder movement as well. The column is about 50 yards around and 150 yards high, though it is also capped in rock making no exit available.

Two: Since Seera's wings are created of fire, she can use them to her own personal advantage. She can send out a blinding array of sparks, send out a heat wave that singes clothing and deals second degree burns or send a strike similar to her Shikai's flamethrower. This is a very versatile ability, giving her a wide range of things she can do with her wings. Though the many things she can do with these wings, they all have the same range of effect of 50 ft.

Three: The final power relates to the wall she creates. She can utilize certain reiatsu empowered elements to generate certain shield or defensive abilities. She can make an obsidian mirror to temporarily blind an opponent. (As if someone shined a light in your eye) to stun her enemy and be able to slip around them. She could also do other things like create a rock hard shield to help defend against heavier attacks such as cero's.


Human Life
Seera was born an orphan in the streets of Tokyo City, forced to fend for herself. She never had a grown up to tell her what to do or when to do it. Though she enjoyed the freedom of her time as an orphan, the streets were very difficult to deal with. There were many orphans whom formed gangs to better help themselves find food, which she did join one. Theses gangs of kids grouped together to help each other, though rival gangs were always very hostile.

Seera saw many brawls between kids in her life for nothing more than a single piece of bread or candy wrapper. To survive these fights, which many didn't, she had to learn to toughen up and fight like everyone else. So eventually when she was around twelve, she became the second in command of her gang. At this point they weren't having too much problems with other kids, but there was always the occasional brawl that lead to deaths.

One of these brawls led to her best friends death, which led Seera to revenge on that particular gang of kids. She planned a full sneak attack on the kids and executed it. The group didn't see any of it coming and couldn't protect their stash of food, but they managed to kill a few more of the gang including Seera. Most of her gang began to think that was what she wanted, to follow her friend into the spirit realm.

Rukongai Life

Seera awoke in the Zeraki District of the Rukongai, when she was actually sent there. Again she managed to become an orphan upon arriving in the Soul Society. She started to think that scrounging and fending for herself was all she could really do. However, she didn't mind it since she figured that would be the best way to find her friend in this place.

She searched years upon years, while her hunger grew and grew. She fought for her right to get a few bites of food like she did in The World of the Living, but found she had to be a lot tougher in this place. Like in Tokyo there were gangs of kids who wanted to recruit her, but she denied them. Her only purpose was to find her friend and then she could worry about gangs for protection.

After many uncountable years she finally found who she was looking for, but not where she expected her to be. Seera found the girl being pampered in the first district as a High Class Member of the Society. Seera snuck into the house at night and woke the girl up only for her to scream and call the gaurds. When the Seera was being taken away all her friend did was grin and wave. Seera felt her anger build rapidly.

Apparently breaking into the house was an act of treason and she was being put to death. Seera didn't like that and apparently neither did fate. Due to her anger a sword appeared on her side for which she quickly removed. Flames grew around them, but they were way to strong for her to deal with. They quickly quelled her and removed her zanpaktō.

The girls head was placed on a block of wood while one of the guards raised his sword to remove her head. However, just then a Shinigami told him to wait. The woman walked over to her and smiled. "You have great potential, even summoned a zanpaktō. I'd like you to come with me to the Academy and become a Shinigami. What do you say?" The girl said to her, which she replied with a quick nod. So her time ended in the Rukongai.

[/b]Shinigami Life

When she entered the Academy she found that the one that rescued her was in fact an instructor by the name of Isa. She listened and acted to the best of her ability, failing miserably at Kido and excelling at everything else. Though, that started to change after a few months in the Academy.

Her old friend from the first district showed up as a Shinigami as well. She became very distracted and simply felt like she needed to teach the girl a lesson. She had kept her alive for years and then she gave no respect back to her? That wasn't going to fly with her. So her training came to a halt until she finally got the chance to fight the girl and show her who was boss.

That waiting period only took about two weeks and when it came down to it, her old friend was totally up for it. When they fought, Seera never removed her blade from it's scabbard. Instead she fought with the blade in it, using the scabbard as a weapon instead. Her friend was getting frustrated and confused as to why Seera would do such a thing.

Seera was merely playing with the girl, knowing by now that she was still much tougher than she was. Finally she removed her blade causing shikai and allowing her globe of fire to take it's place. She hit her multiple times until the globe was a mere 10 yards from them. She then sheathed her sword and caused her shikai to seal. "You're finished, leave me to my training." Her friend did so.

Sometime during her training, she spent many a time listening to her zanpaktō and training with it on the side. Eventually, under a sparring match with Isa she managed to achieve her ultimate goal, Bankai. Isa was very unprepared for her student to have achieved such a feat and lost the spar because of it. Seera graduated a few months later.

RP Sample

Role Play Sample: Do I still have too? Cuz Technically it isn't my first app on the forum, but we deleted all the apps from before <.<
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