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PostSubject: Hitsu Kawazai - Vaizard App   Hitsu Kawazai - Vaizard App I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2011 2:21 am

[ V i z a r d T e m p l a t e ]


Character Persona

Name: Hitsu Kawazai
Appearance Age: 12
True Age: 250
Gender: Male
Height: 4ft’5 inches
Weight: 50Kg

Likes: Music, Hip-hop dance, money
Dislikes: Debt, Time wasting, Underestimation

Accessories: A band with his name on it, on his left wrist.
Personality: Hitsu Kawazai is a character who hangs between being quiet and loud. He mostly pretends around strangers he doesn’t know but among his friends he can become a real fool sometimes doing some of the strangest things no one thought he would do. He is mostly found quietly walking about with his hands in his pocket. Hitsu is not such an active person, he loves to catch some sleep at the slightest chance, and he never jokes with money matters. Most people hate owing him debts because they know the extents he might go to get back his money. He also loves to do most of his services like help with some things but he would ask for an amount of money first.

Hitsu Kawazai - Vaizard App Hood10
General Fighting Style: Street Fighting, Kung- Fu
Hitsu does well in close-range and long ranged battle, but since he also knows street style he tends to use some tricks when fighting someone.


Zanpakuto Name: Naijinsei
Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:
Hitsu Kawazai - Vaizard App Zan_sp11
Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Naijinsei is a rather kind, gentle, easy going and peaceful guy. Though to some people he looks scary he is not, and he is very responsible and hardly gets angry at anything. Mostly when Hitsu visits him he finds him reading a book. Naijinsei loves to fly about in his world, and always hums melodious songs. On most visits there Hitsu finds Naijinsei playing with the animals. But when Hitsu is in Full Trans, Naijinsei also goes crazy.

Inner World: Naijinsei’s world is rather confusing to Hitsu himself. It is a kind of forest with peculiar things. There are normal earth animals there that roam free, but do not harm each other, but at the same time there are also mystical creatures that walk and fly around some are like dragons, griffons, fairies, smurfs, pixies etc.
Though there are kind animals like this, they can also turn evil depending on when Hitsu goes into hollow full transformation. The whole place becomes like a death trap, meteors fall from the skies and animals harm everything around them, and sometimes in worse cases the forest itself comes alive destroying everything on it, but this can be undone when Hitsu reverts from his transformation.

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:
Hitsu Kawazai - Vaizard App Ma_new10
Release Phrase: Destroy All in My way

Shikai Information

Shikai Appearance: In shikai form, my blade turns black, and I also get a white staff in my hand with some peculiar tattoos.

Shikai Abilities: My shikai gives me a number of abilities; I am able to control some elements in shikai but only four in shikai form. Each element has it various moves under, but I can only use two at a time because of the two weapons I get. The White staff: Helps me control elements of Light such as fire, water and lightning, and the black sword: darkness, wind, earth. But currently in shikai I can only Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.

Water Slicer- Sends scythe slices of water hurling at the opponent.
Water Barrier- It creates a liquid aura around me protecting me from a lot of attacks.

Fire Tornado - Sends a tornado of fire hurling at the opponent, Hitsu is able to control the size and width of the tornado he makes, in shikai he is able to use only two tornadoes any more than that there may be some disastrous circumstances.
Fire Cross – Sends a cross like flame homing down the enemy. If the flames happen to come in contact with the enemy it bursts engulfing each part of their body.

Air Slicer- Sends invisible air to help me cut down my enemy, this move can hardly be countered unless the opponent had super speed.

Earth Armor- Creates a hard amour protecting me from many attacks. His armour is really strong though it is a bit weak to very strong attacks, it can take on normal attack.
Bankai Information

Bankai Appearance: I still get the staff and the sword, but this time, strange tattoos appear all over me, and I grow three pair of wings at my back, and my reiatsu becomes half black and half white.

Bankai Abilities: In bankai, I am able to control the same as shikai. Now I have the ability to fly, with the elements I can now create animate and in animate objects. I can now control all the elements associated with Naijinsei; Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Darkness. And I can use a number of elements at once as I choose.

Dark Chamber - Puts my enemy in a blind state, making them see things only pitch black.
Black Aura Disaster - A dark aura surrounds me, and helps me deflect any of the enemies techniques.

Lightning Thunder Arrow Strike -I can shot numerous arrows of different sizes at my opponent, and they go at very high speed.
Lightning Cloak - Creates an Aura around which increases my speed 50x fold.[/strike]

Inner Hollow & Mask
[Not yet Achived]
[strike]Inner Hollow Description:
Hitsu Kawazai - Vaizard App Inner_12
Inner Hollow Personality: My Inner hollow is rather an impatient wolf, who grumbles about everything. He loves to torture Hitsu any time he needs help with some things. He hates being disturbed at anytime and always tends to attack people whether he knows the person or not. He really dislikes being called a dog or whatever and can kill anyone for calling him that.

Inner Hollow Powers: He has high-speed techniques.
Hollow Mask Appearance:
Hitsu Kawazai - Vaizard App Mask_211
Mask Powers:
Increased Speed
Ability to use Cero
Ups my abilities 5x

Full Mask Release
[Not yet Achived]
Full Release:
Full Release Abilities: Able to shoot several ceros at once. When I go Bankai before this I am able to use Gran Rey Cero, and Cero Oscuras.



Hitsu Kawazai was born of the 1st of September 99. He was born in Ghana, Africa to a family of three, his father, mother and an annoying older sister. He was loved by his family a lot, though he had been told countless times he had a lazy attitude and disliked worked. They knew he tried his best to correct these mistakes. After about eight years later Hitsu came back home with wounds all over his body, he had been beaten by a bully in their school, after his wounds being treated he pleaded to them that he wanted to learn how to defend himself, at first they refused but after constant persuasion from Hitsu they agreed. Hitsu learnt two forms of fighting, Kung- Fu which he was though and Street Style which he got by experience.


After four years of mastering all the skills, three days after his twelfth birthday his father told them Hitsu was going to be transferred to a school in Japan because of his great academic skills in school. After a few weeks of preparing, he was on a plane to Japan; he arrived there hours later and got down. He was shown an address to go to, to meet his aunt and uncle, but on the way there, the taxi he was in was attacked by gangsters and Hitsu and the taxi driver were shot, and rushed to the hospital but then he had died.

After some while, Hitsu woke up in a grass filled land, he was surrounded by a group of people who were whispering to each other, he asked if he was alive but unfortunately he wasn’t he was dead and now he was a soul in somewhere called “Soul Society”. He lived in a place called rungokai with other souls for months but after some while he decided to enroll in an Academy for Soul Reapers, now that he was dead he wanted to use his time wisely and do something at least. He spent years in the academy and finally graduated years later. He was appointed to the twelfth squad because of his intelligence.

How he became a Vizard:

After spending more than two hundred years in Soul Society, he had attained the fourth seat in his squad, one day their captain was testing out an experiment and anonymously Hitsu was chosen for this, though he didn’t entertain the idea he had no other choice. He was given some kind of potion to drink, before he drank it he was told that it would help shinigami attain certain powers of the hollow, Hitsu hesitated a bit, but after drinking it for a while it seemed safe but a moment later, Hitsu was unable to control the power and went on a rampage killing half his squad, he was restrained by his captain who told him to flee and he was sorry for putting such a burden on a young boy, Hitsu had no other choice but to come to the Earth realm.

Inner battle and conclusion:

After about five months in Earth, Hitsu was living in an apartment all by himself, and since he came occasionally he sometimes goes on rampage destroying almost everything in sight, one day he decided to consult Naijinsei; his zanpakuto spirit to ask him if there was a way to subdue the hollow inside of him, and fortunately there was, but Hitsu would have to battle the hollow in him, and when it revealed himself to Hitsu, he was amazed by the sight, his inner hollow was a wolf and a big one at that, he looked ferocious but Hitsu would have no other choice but to battle it.
The air blew around them and Hitsu unsheathed his white zanpakuto, it’s golden sheath reflected his face, but before he could take a breather the wolf attacked him ferociously aiming to bite his head off, Hitsu knew at once that this wasn’t going to be an easy fight for him, he lunged at the wolf hollow and sent several attacks but none could hit, Hitsu and the wolf fought for a long time till each one was getting weary of the constant missing and attacking, Hitsu decided to finish it all, he threw his sword in the air and called to his sword, “Destroy All In my way Naijinsei!” His white sword turned pitch black and he caught it as it landed back, and also a white staff appeared in his left hand. Hitsu sent a wind attack and a fire attack at the wolf, but it dodged it easily.
Hitsu was getting worried, but then he realized that how the wolf was anticipating his moves it was like he was fighting himself, but the animal version of himself he thought, he quickly thought how he could defeat him, a strategy struck his head, he lunged at the wolf raising his staff in a stance to launch another technique, the wolf tried to anticipate but then Hitsu was only pretending, he used the staff to hit the wolf knocking him unconscious. After a while the wolf admitted defeat and faded away leaving Hitsu, astonished he had won.

RP Sample

Role Play Sample: (This is to test where your level of role playing is at. Please paste or create an example how you role play if this is your first app on the site. If this is not your first APPROVED app, then please remove this section of the app.

It was a nice afternoon, the sun was shining brightly and the clouds moved about lazily. Hitsu was on the roof of a building in his shinigami form looking over the city, after some while he didn't see anything so he lay down and moments later drifted to sleep. He slept for not long, he was awoken by a large explosion and he sensed great reiatsu coming from the forested area, he looked if people were heading over there to see what it was, and they were but it seemed the could enter the forest, because there was some kind of barrier invisible to them, but Hitsu could see it clearly. He didn't waste any more time, he jumped of the building and landed on his feet lightly and darted towards the direction of the explosion. Minutes later he arrived at the place, it was crowded by people, but Hitsu moved passed them since he couldn't be seen. Once he got to the barrier, he looked above and saw it seemed like a dome of some sort, he walked through it which surprised him a bit, he figured that only in spirit form can someone go through the shield, he entered and run passed trees and he finally arrived to see a fight between a skilled arrancar and a shinigami.

He looked in astonishment, he looked at the shinigami and recognized him at once, it was the vice-captain of his former squad back in Seireiti, he was also Hitsu's rival. The arrancar seemed to be dominating in the fight, and before Hitsu could even think of helping his old friend, the shinigami was stabbed in the heart by the arrancar, and he killed him! Hitsu looked surprised as he saw his old friend fall to the floor bleeding. Hitsu heart ached, he wanted to go and hold him but his body wouldn't allow him, tears began to fall down his cheek. Hitsu looked over at the arrancar, Hitsu was filed with rage, his eyes turned red, without any thought he charged at the arrancar unaware of the trouble he was getting himself in.

Hitsu continued his charge on the arrancar, and once in front of him he swung his sword down hard at the arrancar only to be stopped by the arrancar's bare hand. Hitsu was astonished by this but he wasn't giving up so easily, he sent his leg hurling towards his face, it landed but it had no damage nothing, the arrancar was angered by this and pushed Hitsu flying away and crashing into a tree, and fell with a "thud" to the ground. He got up, he began waving his katana around and said as he was doing this "Destroy All In my Way, Naijinsei!!" A white staff appeared in his left hand, and his blade turned pitch black as night. He began to charge again, he waved his two weapons and said "Earth Armour and Wind Slicer". The soil began to gather around him making a strong shield, and wind started to gather around the arrancar slicing him, but this did minimal damage to him, but Hitsu continued his charged and attempted cutting the arrancar with his sword but to no avail, and he was hit back and his armour broke apart.

Hitsu knew the fight was getting no where, suddenly his reiatsu burst, from his normal grey colored reiatsu, it began to turn
half black and half white, it enveloped Hitsu and when he broke out of it. He had gotten three pairs of black wings at his back, half of his body from his waist level below turned pitch black. He had released his bankai, he became very fast he was beating up the arrancar who couldn't see what was hitting him, and to Hitsu surprise the arrancar released his ressurecion, the fight was an equal strength fight between the two of them, Hitsu never expected what was coming next the arrancar went into another stage of his ressurecion. The fight became a burden on Hitsu, his rage grew even more and suddenly his hollow mask appeared by it self and suddenly Hitsu body began to morph, he was going to go Full Hollow transformation for the first time.

He charged biting the arrancar at different places inflicting wounds on him, but the other stage of the ressurecion was too strong for Hitsu, and to worsen his matter the hollow shot a Gran Rey Cero at Hitsu ending the fight at once! The hollow was badly injured so he only took Hitsu friend and opened a garganta and faded inside, but before he went Hitsu saw the number 3 on the hollow during their battle, he had just fought against an Espada. Moments later, his transformation reverted and the shield went down, Hitsu laid there faint, he had used up a lot of energy, and he had just lost the battle and a very precious friend ......

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Hitsu Kawazai - Vaizard App
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