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PostSubject: Dante Vantas   Dante Vantas I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2011 5:14 am

[ Shinigami T e m p l a t e ]


Character Persona

Name: Dante Vantas
Appearance Age: 17
True Age: 574
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 157lb.
Likes: Being himself, being able to enjoy a good break, relaxing
Dislikes: Being forced to be different, paper work, long nights.

Accessories: He usually has a lighter and a pack of cigarettes on him.

Personality: Dante is a relatively laid back kind of person. He can still get easily over excited about things, although he tries to act indifferent. He is a mildly talkative person, who when he speaks is caring to most people and tries to stay aware of their feelings. Dante likes to surround himself with people because he feels comfortable around people and doesn't feel awkward to say things to some people. Dante if asked if he would like to do something alone or with others the response it a question, do i need to be silent or need to do something big.

Dante is a see the glass half full kind of guy, he likes to take a look at things from a point others wouldn't. He tries to be nice to everyone he can, this interferes with his stand point though as a shinigami considering he would allow an arrancar to have a chance to prove if it was truly evil. Dante is the kind of person who will rush headlong into something without a second guess, though this causes him trouble. He can usually find his plan for what he rushes into, whilst dealing with it.

Appearance: Dante Vantas Chain_smoker_by_bloodline_009-d4924mh

General Fighting Style: Dante fights up close with his fist when he is relaxed and feels like he is in control of a situation, when he realizes how the situation is he will change to fighting with his shikai's abilities of fire to control the battle field at a medium to long range combat scenario. When it comes to close range combat in shikai, he allows his shikai to whip flames around him in a vortex making it dangerous to stay in a close range battle.


Zanpakuto Name: creşterea flacără (Soaring Flame)

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: Spirit form
Physical form

Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Cresterea's temper is known to Dante as one that should best be avoided, or at least not the target of. She tends to be impatient, and one to easily upset, failing her in something she thinks is important will normally upset her. She is harsh and her tone is usually that of annoyance with Dante. She does know what it means to be kind and caring, but thats when she is in one of her moods, normally she is annoyed but will still take care to not injure Dante past the point of breaking.

Inner World: Cresterea's world resembles that of a battlefield during the dark ages. Torn banners are scattered across the field, scorched wooden encampments spot the hills, and piles of dead bodies burn in various locations. Balls of fire can be seen flying through the sky, each arcing towards the ground as if a catapult had fired them. The sky's are coated in a thick impenetrable smoke which cause the place to seem gloomy and ominous. Fires are the only light source in this world considering the sun is blocked out by the smoke created by the fires. The fires in this world are eternal, only to go out when Cresterea dies, these fire's bask the world in a warm glow.

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:

Release Phrase: Soar Cresterea flacara

Shikai Information

Shikai Appearance: When in Shikai Dante's body temperature fluctuates to maintain a perfect body temperature when he is using his fire, other then that Dante's clothes seem to become fire proof.

Shikai Abilities:
Baptism of Fire: Dante Surrounds his opponent in fire and keeps them trapped inside a ball. Last for 1 post, after one post the ball either extinguishes or consumes one attack an opponent throws at it and doubles that attacks power back on the user. Recharge 4 post.

Redemption's Heat: Dante surrounds himself with fire mail, a element chain mail, it whips around him like a tornado of fire, and when through that it protects his body from physical contact, it extinguishes under water, cold, or when Dante bids it to. Last's atleast 3-5 post, recharge atleast 5-9.

Holy Flames: Dante scorches an area with his fire, leaving a 25meter area burnt, the closer to its epicenter the stronger the blast, the further away the least effected. Recharge 2 post after use.

Increases speed, easier to piss him off, increased strength.

Bankai Information

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities: Meteor Volley: Fire balls start to rain down around the area each exploding within a 20meter range creating 5meter craters. last 3 post, recharge 5

Hell's influence: Dante sprouts wings of black fire, these wings increase his speed x2 and double the damage his fire attacks do. Last 4 post, recharge 3

Dante's Inferno: Dante creates a fire Large enough to start sucking in air creating a pull towards the fire which grows stronger and stronger as the fire burns hotter and hotter as Dante allows his rage to flow freely. When he releases the Fire an explosion that effects 50meters occurs. last 3 post, recharge 6


Background: Dante lived a prosperous life in which he never really had to do anything. His father was a successful business man, who knew how to read stocks correctly and sell when needed. His mother was a celebrity who stared in movies left and right. He never really cared for anything as long as he didn't need to get involved and he loved not having to work. He felt like what others would call a snobby little rich kid, to him it was life.

Dante's life didn't stay that way though, when the stock market proceeded to crash in america, so did his parent's luck streaks. Their fortune quickly vanished and with never having anything to fall back on, they were screwed. Dante though having had to live with work from time to time, compared to his parents lush and exotic up bringing which he almost had, he knew what to do. He gathered supplies for himself and left his parents, knowing he could not fend for them, or supply them with the means to survive.

Dante's life ended a few short weeks after leaving his parents a knife had slit his stomach open and he couldn't stop his organs from spilling onto the street before him. He felt the cold bite of pain, and yet the warm embrace of a second chance, he awoke in the street, his stomach still stung, he wondered why he could see. He looked around the old streets, nothing was around, apparently the aggression of the citizen's had increases with this crash. He looked around a pang of hope in his heart when he saw a female walking towards him in a black robe, he hesitated when he saw the sword though. He was granted access to the soul society by this women, his soul traveling before he could thank her.

Having arrived in the soul society he learned this world played the same rules as the last, he had to be agile, intelligent, and most of all witty and talented. He learned though that he did have a talent, you that was seeked out by the same people that had saved him, the soul reapers. He attempted to attend the academy twice before he was finally aloud in, and failed once, and was aloud to try again. The second time through he aced with flying colors, where his first attempts dare to knock on the door of failure.

His life lead him to the soul society and his attempts to become part of the Gotei 13's heirarchy ranks seemed within his grasp. He felt like he had made his life, then he remembered his parents fowls. He knew he had to be different, he had to care what others thought of him, of what his position really meant to him over friendship. He had to open his cold heart up to the warm embraced of others. Dante later attempted to join the Gotei 13 heirarchy after finishing the academy.

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