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PostSubject: Battle Rules   Battle Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 8:31 am

Alright, there are a few rules when it comes to doing battle. Read through them so you can better understand how to fight.

Like in any RP or RPG, this is a turn based game. Upon your turn you have several options ahead of you. If someone has attacked you, you can dodge, block or accept the hit. Also, you can then counter attack. However, make sure you realize that this doesn't limit you to one move per turn. JUST REMEMBER that no character is perfect and will eventually get hit.

Abilities are touchy subjects. There are rules against them such as; no energy drains, no insta-kills and etc. Byakuya has such an ability... Just for an example. These skills are all forms of cheating and obviously being cheated against isn't fun. Don't do it. Your application will not be approved if you have one of these abilities.

On to ending a battle. Because we do not have you list stats or roll dice, these things can last for a long time. So in reponse, you must realize when your character gets tired or reaches his/her limit. It doesn't really matter if your character wins or loses, your character will not die unless you specify that you want him/her to. However, if a situation arises where a battle goes on for far too long then a staff member will go through and read the RP. They will then judge who the winner will be based on RP skills.

Do not God Mod. This is where you state that you hit your opponent or etc. without their consent. Ex: Josh swings his katana and cuts bobbies arm off. The proper way of posting said post would be; Josh swings his katana at bobbies arm, attempting to cut it off. See? It gives the other poster a chance to block or dodge. Isn't being fair fun?!

If there are any further questions, please ask me, and I will answer them, and then modify it into the rules.
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Battle Rules
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