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PostSubject: Application Rules   Application Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2009 5:59 am

1) All sections must be filled out according to the templates on this site unless an official staff member says otherwise.
  1. 1-1. All sections must be well-organized, well-formed, and written in the 3rd person point of view. We would rather deny an application than have to become cryptologists, no matter how cool it would be to become a cryptologist.

    1-2. A staff member may deny an application if one or more sections seem to be lacking quality or if it is way over the top.

    1-3. If we express concerns about quality, we recommend you read the "Character Creation Tutorials" board, located here (link).

2) Do not post as your character until your character has been approved by an official staff member of Remnant Souls. This will be grounds for denial, outright, though we hope to avoid such action.

3) Only Moderators, Co-Admins, and Admins may review, approve, disapprove, or suggest helpful hints to any application that is submitted in Remnant Souls. It's the polite thing to do.
  1. 3-1. Application approvals may be lifted and require changes if legitimate concerns are expressed by the members or other staff members.

    3-2. All rules of conduct apply. If you break the rules, there will be appropriate consequences.

    3-3. Vizards must be reviewed by ALL staff members before approval

    3-4. Please do not send staff members repeated private messages about every update to your application. We get emails that tell us when each thread has another post added to it. After making any adjustments according to a staff member's review, simply post a reply that says you made the modification, or, if we are on xat, simply tell us politely.

    3-5. If you, as a member, read a profile and have any specific concerns, please send a private message to a staff member. We will decide on what the appropriate resolution to the matter will be.

4) If you are not a Moderator, Co-Adminstrator, or Administrator, please refrain from posting in other members' applications. This goes for all applications (Character, Kidou, Organization positions, etc.)
  1. 4-1. We, the moderating staff, are very good at what we do and we have the best notion of what we are looking for in each character.

    4-2. Members posting in other members' applications will be perceived as spamming, as the post serves no valued purpose in the process.

5) Please Add text to all catigories as best as you can.
  1. 5-1. Pictures are not substitutes for text in any section. We want to know that you can write out what you see. It's an RP thing.

6) Try to keep adult content limited and in context of roleplay.
  1. 6-1. Please keep cursing in the context of the roleplay. If we see f-bombs or multiple occurrances of other cursing, we will take appropriate action to correct this.

    6-2. Links to adult themed pictures, movies, or websites, whether or not you have censored it yourself, will be ground for disapproval and appropriate consequences. You can find another picture or text very easily and with little hassle.

7) Staff members have the final say in an applications power to help people from God-moding.
  1. 7-1. If you have an approved ability, but a staff member is not confident in your ability to roleplay that ability, it will be taken away so that your character can achieve it during roleplay. When you think you are ready to achieve the ability, contact a staff member who will review your past posts and roleplay with you to determine if you are, indeed, ready.

8 ) Any applications awaiting approval that have not had any updates during a two week span will be locked and moved to the Unapproved Applications.
  1. 8-1. If you come back to the site and find this to be the case, send a private message to a staff member to unlock it.

    8-2. These characters, if listed in the Unapproved section for more than 2 weeks, may be made available to other members for adoption. You will no longer be the owner of the character, as far as this site is concerned, due to your lack of commitment.

    8-3. This rule will be waived if members post their absences in the Introductions and Farewells board, located here (link)

9) These rules are subject to change, though attention will be called to it when it is done.
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Application Rules
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